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Formulated for women, by women

Our team of expert pharmacists, doctors, and dietitians use the latest clinical research in female biology to design tailored supplements.

Team of doctors, pharmacists, and dietitians.
Women's prenatal multivitamin supplements.

Facts not fads

We don’t do trendy ingredients or passing fads.

We focus on what nutrition women actually need, backed up by hundreds of clinical research papers and evidence.

No fluffy nonsense and zero superhero claims.

Potent, plant-based ingredients

We only use the safest, plant-based ingredients with the highest forms of bioavailability to make sure that every supplement gives you the maximum benefit. Always vegan, cruelty free, filler free and made in our UK labs.

Good for you and the planet

All our packaging is fully recyclable and we use 87% less material than traditional plastic bottles. Accountability also applies to our supply chain so we make sure all our ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced to ensure we have a positive benefit on our earth.

Two healthcare families.
One big mission.

Meet the two families who’ve come together to share their expertise in order to support women’s health.

Follow the
science with us

Your daily dose of clinical knowledge, backed by the latest scientific research.

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